Business sectors in the Netherlands

Specific rules apply to each economic sector in the Netherlands. The Dutch government provides information to entrepreneurs from the United States to help you understand the rules on taxes, grants and more.

Business sectors in the Netherlands

Businesses can also get in touch with one of the many trade associations for advice or contacts.

At you will find an overview of information for each sector.

Key industries

In some industries, the Netherlands is at the forefront:

Information for businesses from this country or region

The United States and the Netherlands have collaborate with each other in many areas, including, but not limited to:

  • cybersecurity
  • clean energy
  • circular economy
  • agrifood and horticulture
  • water management
  • e-mobility
  • sustainable urban planning

The Dutch economic network in the United States works with their counterparts to strenghten our partnerships with each other. Have a question or want to collaborate? Email us to start a conversation.