Internships in the Valley

To help connect startup companies in Silicon Valley with top student talent from the Netherlands, Holland in the Valley has created the Internships in the Valley program.

Its goal? Build on the long-standing economic ties between our two nations by helping innovative Dutch students obtain hands-on experience in Silicon Valley, the world’s most important region for technology and entrepreneurship.

The internship program will build on the efforts by the Netherlands’ Consulate General in San Francisco efforts to promote trade and innovation between our two nations through the Holland in the Valley initiative.

Holland in the Valley can help businesses find:

  • valuable resources for entrepreneurs, businesses, students, professionals, and universities focused on Silicon Valley;
  • profiles of Dutch companies and Dutch business leaders in Silicon Valley;
  • online forums to facilitate the exchange of ideas;
  • and networking opportunities.

And now Holland in the Valley can help businesses in the US find Dutch college students eager to learn.

Click on the image above to learn more and apply for the program.

Internships in the Valley