Policy Officer, Communications, Miami (temporary 4 months)

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Miami has a temporary vacancy for a Policy Officer, with a focus on communications. The position will be offered at pay scale 8 for a four-month period starting in September 2021. 

For more information about this vacancy, please contact mia-cdp@minbuza.nl.

To apply, please send a cover letter and a resume to:
Consulate General of the Netherlands in Miami
Attn: Consul-General Ruth Emmerink
701 Brickell Ave., Suite 1600
Miami, FL 33131

Closing date for applications: Augustus 25, 2021
Indicative monthly gross salary: USD 5713 (pay scale 8, pay number 0)

The Netherlands Government celebrates all forms of diversity and is deeply committed to foster an inclusive environment within its organization. Individuals interested in advancing these diversity goals are strongly encouraged to apply.

*This vacancy is open to internal (local employees and partners of officials posted to a Mission in the US)  and external candidates. If a local employee and a partner of an official posted to a Mission are equally qualified, the local employee shall be given priority. Furthermore, if a local employee and an external candidate are equally qualified , the local employee shall be given priority.

**As per US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), employers in the US are required to ensure that all employees have the legal right to work in the US. Under US State Department requirements, the embassy and our consulates may only employ, as non-diplomatic staff, persons who are US citizens, US Green Card holders or “A” visa holders. There is a max term for A2 visa holders of 5 years, the Netherlands Embassy / Consulate General cannot sponsor any work permits for families.

General features of the job

The position is a temporary reinforcement of the team to support ‘Sports NL @ Soccerex’, the trajectory offered by the Consulate to Dutch companies and organizations in the sports industry in the run-up to and around Soccerex Americas. This world-leading soccer conference and exhibition will take place in Miami in November. The Consulate is in the lead for the Dutch pavilion at the event and coordinates a preparatory track of several months, in order to optimize the value of Soccerex in connecting companies to the US market.

The policy officer will be closely involved in the Consulate’s external communication efforts. This includes the promotion of activities under the Sports NL @ Soccerex umbrella and public diplomacy efforts around the event. The policy officer will also contribute to communication about the work of the Consulate in the sports sector more generally, as well as other activities and outreach of the economic and consular team.

The Consulate has several public diplomacy instruments at its disposal to convey Dutch innovation, openness and inclusion (e.g. social media, videos, NL branding, visuals, targeted events, outreach to key stakeholders, etc.). The policy officer will be responsible for further developing these tools and increase exposure of the Consulate’s activities this fall.

Duties and objectives

Specific tasks include:

  • Spearheading external communication about Sports NL @ Soccerex. This includes contributing to the overall communication strategy, working with Dutch participants and American partners to provide exposure to the Dutch sports sector during the event, promoting events during and leading up to Soccerex, and ensuring visibility in the follow-up phase.
  • Developing communication efforts about sports innovation, social impact and Dutch-American connections in sports more generally, also in the context of the public-private partnership (PIB) ‘Sports, Innovation, and Vitality USA’, in which the Consulate is one of the partners.
  • Initiating public diplomacy initiatives for the Consulate General, conceptualizing and coordinating communication campaigns about economic and consular priorities, and assisting colleagues with the communication aspects of their activities.
  • Managing the Consulate’s social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Liaising with the Press, Public Diplomacy and Culture Department at the Embassy in Washington (as well as the Communication Departments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO, and other stakeholders) in our joint efforts to maintain a positive image of the Netherlands in the United States.

Job requirements

  • Experience and a proven track record in the field of strategic communication, preferably in both the public and the private sector.
  • A proactive attitude, taking initiative and contributing fresh ideas about external communication.
  • Prior experience using social media for professional purposes and devising social media or marketing campaigns.
  • Affinity with trade promotion and economic diplomacy, a feeling for the interests of companies and entrepreneurs with international ambitions.
  • An interest in working within a network of diplomatic representations.
  • Extensive knowledge of American society and (business) culture. Prior experience in sports is a strong asset.
  • An understanding of the multifaceted Dutch-American relationship (cultural, economic, political, historical, etc.), the value of the transatlantic partnership, and ways to convey it to the general public.
  • A flexible and adaptive attitude, being able to communicate with a wide range of partners and stakeholders.
  • Strongly developed communication skills, both in writing and spoken (presentations, formal settings, events).
  • An analytical mindset and an ability to quickly distill a central message from a large amount of information or convey it visually.
  • A team player who excels in a diverse working environment.
  • Fluency in English; Dutch is a strong asset but not a requirement.

Working environment

About the Consulate General in Miami

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Miami is a relatively small mission covering economic and consular relations between the Netherlands and six States in the South of the US (Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas). The team consists of three economic policy officers, three consular officers, a management assistant, an operational manager, the Consul General, and her deputy.

The economic work focuses on selected priority sectors: sports, water-resilience, maritime, mobility, and life sciences and health. Providing consular services to Dutch citizens in the South of the US forms the second pillar of the Consulate’s activities. The Consulate aims to intensify its communication efforts in both the economic and consular field, and is developing public diplomacy initiatives and social media campaigns to this end.

The Consulate General in Miami is part of the missions network of the Netherlands in the US, which consists of the Embassy in Washington and five Consulates General (Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco). In addition, the economic network includes two Netherlands Business Support Offices (Houston, Los Angeles), an Innovation Office in Boston and several representations of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Cooperation with the NBSO in Houston is close and in practice it forms an integral part of the economic team of the Consulate in Miami.

The working environment at the Consulate is informal and colleagues enjoy a large extent of independence and autonomy in fulfilling their duties. Miami is a vibrant city with a strong Latin American vibe. The city’s diversity is also reflected in the team at the Consulate. Given Miami’s geographic location, relations with the Caribbean Netherlands form an important aspect of the work of the Consulate. The Consulate General is located in Brickell, a lively area on the water that houses both offices as well as restaurants and nightlife.

About Sports NL @ Soccerex

For Soccerex Americas, the world-leading conference and exhibition in the soccer industry, a delegation of 25+ Dutch companies and organizations in the sports sector will come to Miami on November 7-12. At Soccerex, the Consulate will host a Dutch pavilion, including the ‘Sports NL Café’, to showcase the innovative Dutch sports industry and provide a space for meetings, introductions, and events (e.g. pitches for startups). CG Miami will also provide a tailored 2-day program for participating companies before the conference, to connect them to key players in the Florida sports landscape and open up opportunities. In the months leading up to the event, CG Miami will offer a Sports NL @ Soccerex trajectory including workshops, webinars, and one-on-one meetings with the companies to assess their individual needs and provide connections.

A significant part of the delegation attending Soccerex consists of members of the public-private partnership (PIB) 'Sports, Innovation and Vitality USA'. Other participants include the Dutch soccer federation (KNVB), the Johan Cruijff Arena, and various companies, from startups to multinationals. The PIB is a multiannual program that supports a group of 20 Dutch companies in the sports sector in their ambitions on the American market. The Consulate is one of the partners in the PIB, together with RVO and Orange Sports Forum.