Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

On an economic level, the Consulate General in New York supports Dutch companies (especially small and medium-sized businesses) that want to launch or expand their business in the US market with a focus on the Northeast.  The Economic Department also proactively promotes Dutch priority sectors, economic policies, and innovations to  relevant American parties.

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The East Coast Playbook: Your guide to US expansion

The East Coast Playbook serves as a comprehensive guide for Dutch companies to navigating the opportunities, challenges, and housekeeping aspects to consider before making the big move. Each chapter is dedicated to helping you make the right decisions for your company.

This playbook offers insights, tips and resources to assist in your business expansion and  serves as a soft-landing handbook preparing you for your East Coast US journey ahead!

Industry sectors highlighted

The sectors highlighted below are priorities for the New York Consulate General’s Economic Department.  Visit the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website to discover market research on promising sectors in the US.

Startups and scaleups

The Netherlands is one of the most innovative countries in the world. This identity has grown out  a culture of exploration and invention of new technologies in mobility, engineering, and trade.

Startups and scaleups often have the opportunity to scale up beyond their home country’s borders, but this can be difficult due to a lack of knowledge and network in the country to which they are trying to expand.

By organizing trade missions and accelerator programs, and making connections in New York, we support these Dutch companies while they find their way in New York and the northeast USA.

There are two websites to keep up with relevant tech events throughout NYC in the area of innovation. These are Gary’s Guide and Digital.NYC.

Water management and resiliency

  • After superstorm Sandy, big budgets have been made available to improve the flood resiliency of cities and states.
  • Due to the large and growing population of cities, waste- and drinking watersystems must innovate and expand.
  • Climate vulnerability is connected to water management, including coastal protection, urban heat, and surface water management.

FinTech and cybersecurity

  • NYC is the financial center of the world requiring innovation & security.
  • NYC is home to one of the highest concentrations of potential cybersecurity customers, and has invested $30 million to grow its cybersecurity ecosystem.
  • NYC accounts for a massive number of finance, media, retail and healthcare companies which all depend on highly sensitive data.
  • Find our research on cybersecurity here.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML). and robotics

  • NYC is home to a world class startup ecosystem, which features several leading companies in the field of AI/ML.
  • Giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have their leading positions related to AI and ML based in NYC.
  • Find our research on artificial intelligence here.

Cleantech and energy

  • NYC has the nation's largest municipal markets in energy, waste, water and transit.
  • The State of NY aims to have 100% electric generation from renewable sources by 2040.
  • The State of New York has allocated 200 million to upgrade its ports for  Offshore Wind development
  • NYC ranks third in the US for wind energy and clean technology patents.
  • NYC aims to send zero waste to landfills by 2030.
  • Find our research on smart cities here.
  • Find our research on sustainability here.  

Life science and health, and biotech

  • Each year, approximately 9% of VC funding in the NYC tech-ecosystem goes to health-focused startups.
  • NYC is home to some of the world's best hospitals, academic medical and cancer centers.
  • NYC is home to the largest concentration of academic institutions, and a recognized world-class hub for biomedical research and technology development.

Creative industries

  • NYC is a global center for fashion, offering a large pool of creative talent, retail space in highly-trafficked locations, some of the best designers and fashion schools.
  • New York Fashion Week generates almost $900 million a year.
  • NYC is home to 10 architecture and design schools, over 53,000 designers, 8,000 design firms, and 800+ museums and galleries
  • NYC with its multi-billion dollar companies – more than any other city in the world – has a media ecosystem that includes the largest advertisers, the most respected news agencies, and the largest broadcast and cable television networks. Anywhere!