Finding a business partner in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs from Ukraine

Are you looking for a business partner in the Netherlands? Please contact your country's embassy in the Netherlands.

If your country has a chamber of commerce in the Netherlands, this is also a recommended point of contact.

Information for businesses from this country or region

Here you can find the contact information of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands:

It may also be useful to look at the website of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Exporting to the EU

In 2015 the embassy of the Netherlands supported export promotion projects in Ukraine: a training program for the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce on advising companies who want to export and a research on the products with significant export potential in the context of the EU market. This resulted in a comprehensive Value Chain Analysis of five production sectors: apparel; footwear; fresh fruit and vegetables; processed fruit, berries and vegetables; air or vacuum pumps, compressors and ventilation systems. The outcome of the study, presented to companies in the respective sectors, in also available here.

As a follow up, the Dutch embassy supported the development of a roadmap and export guide (both in Ukrainian) to export for the light industries. Furthermore, a training program is running to train the UCCI to help SME’s develop export marketing strategies.

Trade fairs

Once you have established your export marketing strategy, a trade fair can be a useful way to meet new partners in international trade and business. It is often possible to access the exhibitor list on the website of the trade fair, to get in contact with potential business partners and schedule appointments before the actual event. The following websites contain information on trade fairs and exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Also, take a look at the Orange Directory, a platform for Dutch businesses in Ukraine.

More information

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