Applying for an airport transit visa in Turkey

If you live in Turkey and want to apply for an airport transit visa for the Netherlands, find out about the rules and how to apply.

What do I need to do?

  • You must submit a passport or other travel document issued within the last 10 years. This must have at least 2 blank pages and be valid for at least another 3 months after the date of your transit through the airport in the Netherlands.
  • You must submit a completed and signed Schengen visa application form. In the online form indicate ‘airport transit’ as the main purpose of your journey. Each person travelling with you on your travel document must submit their own visa form. Forms for children under the age of 18 need to be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Bring a photo that meets the Dutch requirements for passport photos.
  • When you submit your application your fingerprints will be taken. These will be held for 5 years. Some applicants, such as children under the age of 12, do not need to have their fingerprints taken.
  • You will be charged a fee for your application. If you apply through an external service provider you will also have to pay an extra fee to the provider.

You must also provide a number of documents to ensure that your application is assessed correctly.
See the airport transit checklist (PDF, 228 KB).

How much does a visa cost?

When you apply for a visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate, you must pay a fee. You can find the fee on the fees page. If you apply through an external service provider, such as a visa agency, you will have to pay an extra fee to the provider.

How long does it take?

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you intend to travel. You should apply no later than 15 working days in advance. 

In most cases, you will be informed within 15 calendar days whether your application has been successful. Sometimes it can take up to 30 days if more time is needed, and up to 60 days in exceptional cases, for example if extra documents are required.

Some Schengen member states want to exchange information on visa applicants. This check (known as ‘consultation’) is mandatory for certain nationalities and can take up to 7 days. Your application will also be checked in the Schengen Information System (SIS II). In addition, your application details will be checked and saved in the Visa Information System (VIS).

Applying for a visa in this country or region

The Dutch embassy uses the services of VFS Global to handle visa applications. For your convenience you are advised to apply for your Dutch visa at the offices of VFS in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir or Gaziantep.

The VFS appointment system should provide you with an appointment within a week. However, in case there is not a suitable time slot available, please contact them directly via e-mail or by phone: +90 212 373 58 06.

Please note: making appointments is free of charge! The Embassy and Consulate only work with VFS Global. We strongly advice not to use intermediaries or other agencies pretending to work for the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate.

When do you need an interpreter?

For Ankara:

If you do not speak Dutch, English or Turkish, you must provide an official interpreter yourself. An official interpreter has a special pass that proves that he / she is an official interpreter. The interpreter may not be a family member.

For Istanbul:

If you do not speak Dutch, English, Turkish or Arabic, you must provide an official interpreter yourself. An official interpreter has a special pass that proves that he / she is an official interpreter. The interpreter may not be a family member.

Validity passport in case of a visa application

A visa application only can be processed when the passport at the time of submitting the application has not been issued more than 10 years ago. Furthermore, an application only can be processed when the passport contains at least two blank pages.

Refused visa application

For privacy reasons there will be no correspondence regarding refused visa applications. In case you disagree with a refusal you can lodge an objection to the decision. Information regarding this procedure can be found on the actual decision.

Iraqi and Syrian travel documents

Please be informed that in case you apply for a visa for the Schengen-area with an Iraqi or Syrian travel document, your application may not always be processed by the Dutch Embassy or Consulate-general. The application may be forwarded to the central authorities in the Netherlands for a decision. Please be aware, that in such a case the processing time may be a minimum of 10 working days and a maximum of two months.

Visa exemption for Turkish nationals travelling to the Netherlands to provide services

Turkish nationals travelling to the Netherlands for a short period to provide services, do not require a visa. However, these so-called ‘service providers’ must be employed by a Turkish employer or must have a company registered in Turkey. Turkish nationals who qualify for this exemption can stay in the Netherlands for up to three months within a given six-months period.

This exemption is only applicable for service-providers and not for all Turkish nationals who travel for business purposes. At the Netherlands border, these travelers must be able to prove that they qualify for this visa-free category. The Netherlands Embassy in Ankara or the Consulate-general in Istanbul are able to provide further information and assist in this procedure. Turkish service providers may submit documents such as a labor contract or an extract from the Turkish Chamber of commerce. Subsequently, the Embassy or the Consulate-general can issue a ‘declaration of exemption for service providers’, free of charge.

This declaration does not give any guarantee on admission to the Netherlands. The Netherlands border authorities check whether all requirements for entrance into the Netherlands are met. They also may refuse admission into the Netherlands. However, the declaration may prevent unnecessary delay at the border. For the issuance of a declaration a service provider must submit a copy of a Turkish passport. This passport must have a validity of at least 3 months at the time of departure from the Netherlands.

The exemption of the visa requirement is only applicable for the Netherlands and for a period of a maximum of 3 months within a given 6 months period. However, for a visit to another Schengen country a regular Schengen visa is required. Also for other travel purposes, such as tourism, a visit to family or friends, for business, an application for a regular Schengen visa must be submitted.