On this page you find information on our international culture policy and funding possibilities.

Cultural Affairs

We support projects that

  • promote and represent Dutch culture in Turkey;
  • stimule Dutch-Turkish cultural exchange, in cooperation with partners in the Netherlands and Turkey;
  • use culture to connect different people and groups in Turkey and to connect the Netherlands and Turkey;
  • create physical, digital or mental spaces for culture in areas that don’t offer much opportunities for culture.

We have possibilities to support projects in Turkey, to give advice to organizations and artists and to facilitate visitors programs in the Netherlands, in cooperation with Dutch partners.

We are active all around Turkey and have offices both at the Consulate General in Istanbul and the Embassy in Ankara.

You can contact us directly via (Istanbul) and (Ankara).

Policy Framework 2017-2020

Turkey is one of the priority countries for culture for the period 2017-2020. Read more about the international cultural policy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (in Dutch).

Our cultural cooperation and possibilities for support with local partners are based on two specific policy objectives. Each objective have different terms of application.

On this website you will be able to apply directly to objective 1 (from January 2019 onwards) and get information on the application for objective 2.

To be eligible for application, we have the following criteria:

  • The project should help to strengthen cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Turkey;
  • The activity should not yet have started; we kindly ask you to hand in your application at least two months before the start of the project;
  • There must be a clear link with Dutch culture, cultural institutes and/or Dutch (based) artists;
  • There must be financial involvement of a Turkish partner;
  • Applications by the same partners within a short period of time are not preferred.

Objective 1

'A strong cultural sector, where international exchange and sustainable cooperation ensure increasingly higher quality, and which is recognized and valued abroad.'

This objective encourages international exchange of cultural events, artists, knowledge and expertise, and to preserve and provide access to culture.

This objective supports projects that promotes cultural exchange and representation of Dutch arts and culture in relation to different disciplines such as performing arts, film, photography, fine arts and literature.

For this objective we collaborate closely with the Performing Arts Fund and Dutch Performing Arts, the Film Fund, Eye film institute, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Mondriaan Fund, DutchCulture and several other parties from Netherlands. Together, we also inform the Dutch and Turkish cultural fields about possibilities in both countries and about the added benefits of cooperation.

Additional criteria for support:

  • The activity must contribute to the artistic and/or professional development of the dutch partner (artist/expert/institution)
  • Focus areas are: literature, film and performing arts (music, dance, theatre)
  • Priority target groups are children and youth, students and new audiences

If you want to apply for cultural support (only objective 1) , use the following link:

Objective 2

'More room for culture (arts, heritage, creative industries) to contribute to a safe, just, future-proof world'.

In the period 2017-2020 we are stimulating the role culture can have in connecting people, on a local, national and international level. Culture can contribute to mutual understanding and trust through shared cultural experiences – not only between communities but also between countries.

More specifically, support will be generated to activities that lead to:

  • a more vigorous local cultural sector which can contribute to social innovation;
  • more participation in cultural events by a diverse public, especially a young public;
  • a safer, more sustainable urban living environment;
  • sustainable preservation of local cultural heritage.

We can support projects within the frame of objective 2 that:

  • Use culture to connect different groups in Turkey.
  • Create physical, digital or mental spaces for culture in areas that don’t offer much opportunities for culture.

Within this framework we focus on the following types of projects:

  •  Cultural projects, such as festivals, that trigger a dialogue between different target groups.
  • Projects that focus on offering knowledge and information to enlarge the opportunities of local artists, designers and other cultural actors.
  • Visitors programs that offer Turkish artists, designers and other cultural actors and educational program in the Netherlands.

Priority target groups

  •  Children and youth
  • New audiences
  •  Students

Assessment criteria

  •  Is the project locally embedded?
  • Is there a balanced collaboration between the Dutch and the local partner?
  •  Is the project sustainable? Is it a long term project? Are there long term effects?
  • Is the project inclusive? Are people from different social backgrounds involved in the project?

Please contact us if you want to apply for a project under "objective 2" via We can send you our application form.

We kindly ask you to hand in you application at least two months before the start of the project.

Relevant websites: