Closing days 2019 embassy in Ankara and consulate general in Istanbul

The Netherlands embassy in Ankara and the consulate general in Istanbul are closed on the following days:

Day Date Occasion
Tuesday 1 January New Year
Monday 22 April Easter Monday
Tuesday 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Wednesday 1 May Labour Day
Thursday 30 May Ascension Day
Monday 3 June Ramadan Feast
Tuesday 4 June Ramadan Feast
Wednesday 5 June Ramadan Feast
Thursday 6 June Ramadan Feast
Monday 10 June Pentecost
Monday 12 August Sacrifice Feast
Tuesday 13 August Sacrifice Feast
Wednesday 14 August Sacrifice Feast
Friday 30 August Victory Day
Friday 13 September Only embassy in Ankara closed
Wednesday 25 December Christmas
Thursday 26 December Boxing Day