Legalisation of documents from Thailand for use in the Netherlands

If you want to use a document from Thailand in the Netherlands, you must first have it legalised by the Thai authorities. Then you must have your document legalised again by the Netherlands embassy in Bangkok.

Who can have documents legalised?

Anyone who has one or more documents from Thailand can have them legalised for use in any part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands:

  • the European part of the Netherlands
  • Aruba
  • Bonaire
  • Curaçao
  • Saba
  • St Eustatius
  • St Maarten

Requirements for your document

Your document must be original and complete. If the document refers to other documents or annexes, these must be included.

Translation of your document

If your document is not in English you might need to have it translated. The following rules apply:

  • Your document must be translated by a sworn translator.
  • It must be translated into English.
  • If the sworn translator is not registered in the Netherlands, you must also have the translation legalised.

Which documents can be legalised?

You can have various documents legalised, such as diplomas and certificates. The most common documents are:

Official copy of a birth certificate

You can get a certified copy of a birth certificate from the Amphur (municipal office) that issued the certificate.

Born after 1980

If you were born after 1980 you can also get this document from the Bureau of Registration Administration, Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) in Bangkok.

Certificate of unmarried status

You can get this certificate from the district office (Amphur) where you are registered in the house register (Tabian Baan). You will need to bring 2 witnesses who can confirm that you are not married.

Official copy of a marriage certificate

You can get this document from the Amphur (district office) where you got married.

Official copy of a divorce certificate

You can get this document from the Amphur (district office) where the divorce was granted.

Official copy of a death certificate

You can get this document from the Amphur (district office) in the district of death or where the death was registered.

Where can you have your document legalised?

First have your document legalised by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by one of the legalisation offices in MRT Khlong Toei (Bangkok), Songkhla, Chiang Mai or Ubon Ratchathani. Then take your document to the Netherlands embassy iin Bangkok for the Dutch legalisation. Someone else can do this for you on your behalf.

After these 2 legalisation procedures, you can use your document in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

How can you make an appointment?

You have the following options:

Collecting your document

  • Embassy: you can collect your document 2 working days after you handed it in, from Monday to Thursday between 14:00 hrs and 15:00 hrs. Please bring your receipts.
  • The document(s) can also be sent to your home address in Thailand. The shipping costs are THB 70.00.
  • VFS Global: you can collect your document 1 week after you submitted it. Please bring your receipts.

How much will it cost?

Please check the overview of the consular fees for the costs and payment method. VFS Global will charge an extra service fee of THB 478 per set of 4 documents.

Assistance from the CDC in The Hague

The Consular Service Centre (CDC) can help Dutch nationals apply for documents or have documents legalised in Thailand.

Verification of your document

The stamp or sticker on your document means only that the correct signature is on your document. It does not prove that the content is correct or that the document is authentic. A municipality in the Netherlands, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) or another authority may decide to check this.