Agriculture and horticulture

Thailand is the second largest economy of the ASEAN-5 countries with a population of over 70 million people. It is a major exporter of agricultural products.

Making agriculture more sustainable is of great importance to Thailand. Food production has an enormous impact on the climate, biodiversity, the landscape, water, land use, etc. This impacts the quality of life, biodiversity  and also the attractiveness of the country for tourists.

The Thai government aims to modernize agricultural production, according to the so-called Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model (BCG) for inclusive and sustainable growth. The aim is to create a value-based, innovative economy that takes advantage of Thailand's rich biodiversity and culture, whilst respecting the SDGs.

The focus of the agricultural team at the embassy is on strengthening cooperation with Thailand to achieve the above-mentioned BCG goals. The Dutch business model will shift from exporting agricultural (bulk) products to supplying high-quality products and services: knowledge and technology.

Our focus areas for agriculture are:

1. Sustainable food chains: resilient agricultural production with respect for people, animals and the environment. Safe and healthy food for everyone.

2. Collaboration on new food concepts (Future, Food and Feed)

3. Attention to biodiversity

4. Attention to export of Dutch sustainable agricultural products to Thailand and vice versa

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