Use the Residence of the Ambassador to support your (commercial) interests

Companies and organisations in Thailand that have a strong Dutch (commercial) interest can apply to use the Ambassador’s Residence in Bangkok for their events.

Historical building in garden with trees

The Ambassador’s Residence was built by His Royal Highness Prince Sapasas Supakijj in 1912. Since 1949 the building has been acquired by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to serve as the Ambassador’s Official Residence in Bangkok. The Ambassador’s Residence is used for many meetings and events and provides a unique setting to promote Dutch interests in Thailand.

This unique place in Bangkok is available to companies and organisations in Thailand that have a strong Dutch (commercial) interest. The Residence can be used for events, promote products or services, hosting (business) contacts, etc. as long as it serves a substantial Dutch interest. In practice the residence is mostly used for commercial events, but it is possible to request the use of the Residence for other objectives as well. As a matter of policy the Ambassador or one of the Embassy staff members will attend the event.

The use of the Residence is cost free. A small administrative fee is charged to make the necessary arrangements. The user shall make all the necessary arrangements and carry all costs for catering,  service staff, additional furniture, AV equipment, etc.

The following catering companies have been used for Residence events before:

  • Conrad Hotel
  • Savelberg
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • Bistro 33

The user is free to suggest another catering company. The Embassy will gladly discuss the possibilities and necessary arrangements. For larger events (lunch/dinner > 20 persons, receptions > 60 persons) the user is requested to supply their own crockery and cutlery.

Requests for use of the Residence shall be addressed to the Ambassador. The user is requested to provide a clear description of the activity, including its goal, date, guest lists, required services, etc.

If the event fits with the planning and goals of the Embassy, you will be contacted to further discuss the details of the event. Please note that no Residence event shall be advertised or mentioned in any event calendar without explicit approval of the Embassy. Details regarding use of the Residence will be fixed in a “Use the Residence user agreement”.

Please send your request for use of the Residence in English to and

The use of the Ambassador’s Residence is a privilege, not a right. The Ambassador has full discretion to turn down a request. Important factors that will be taken into consideration whether a request can be accommodated are: the calendar of events at the Residence and Embassy, availability of staff, the nature and content of the event, recent use of the Residence by the same company/organization. Fairness and appropriateness are central in the consideration. Please note that the residence is not available for personal use.