Trade and investment in the Netherlands for business people from Taiwan

Do you want to invest in the Netherlands? Dutch businesses can work with you in the fields of water, food, energy and more.

Trade and investment in the Netherlands

Investing in the Netherlands

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Netherlands, for example:

  • Its geographical location, on the coast of Western Europe, means the Netherlands has 500 million potential customers close by.
  • Infrastructure is highly developed and includes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam, roads, railway lines and broadband access.
  • Dutch people have a high level of education thanks to the excellent education system. Around 90% of Dutch people speak English and many also speak other foreign languages.

Trade and investment

Dutch companies can work with you on global challenges in the fields of water, food, energy, health and security.

At you can find examples of Dutch solutions in these fields.

Information for businesses from this country or region

Europe's best country for business

Ranked no. 8 in Europe by Bloomberg’s Best Countries for Business, the Netherlands is truly a world-class business destination. See for yourself why so many multinational businesses — from small and mid-sized to Fortune 500 leaders — have chosen the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe.

Strategic location

The Netherlands provides the perfect springboard into the European market — with access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

International business climate

Ranked no. 1 on DHL’s Global Connectedness Index, the Netherlands has a competitive international climate and is home to more than 8.000 foreign companies. In fact, 50% of the Dutch GDP is derived internationally.

Superior infrastructure

Ranked no. 2 in the world for overall logistics performance, the Netherlands is home to world-class seaports and airports, an extensive network of railways and highways and the second highest quality broadband network in Europe.

Competitive fiscal climate

With an investment-friendly corporate income tax system, cooperative tax authority, highly attractive innovation and R&D incentives, and competitive corporate income tax rate of 20 to 25%, the Netherlands is among Europe’s most attractive countries for international companies.

Highly educated, multilingual workforce

The Netherlands’ highly educated workforce sets the pace for European productivity in a wide range of capabilities. Plus, 90% of the Dutch people are fluent in English — the lingua franca of international business, science and technology.

Creative and innovative environment

Ranked no. 4 on the Global Innovation Index, the Netherlands is home to an attractive test market, adaptive consumers and an open culture. As one of the world’s most multicultural hubs for creative talent, the Netherlands is, simply put, a great place to bring ideas to life.

Thriving sectors

Fueled by world-class research institutes and public-private partnerships between academia, industry and government, the Netherlands has a rich tradition of looking across borders to advance growth of its thriving agrifood, IT, chemicals, high tech systems,  life sciences & health, creative industries and other sectors.

Exceptional quality of life

Ranked as the 7th happiest place on earth by the World Happiness Report, the Netherlands has a high standard of living with a lower cost of living than most major European countries.

Taiwan and the Netherlands: a strong economic connection

The Netherlands and Taiwan have a deep economic relationship as the highlights below reveal:

  • The Netherlands is the largest European investor in Taiwan.
  • The Netherlands is the 2nd largest trading partner from the EU in Taiwan.
  • The Netherlands is the 15th largest trading partner worldwide in Taiwan.
  • The Netherlands is the first investment destination of Taiwan in EU.
  • Amsterdam – Taipei is the only daily direct flight between Taiwan and Europe.
  • An important agreement for the avoidance of double taxation was signed between the Netherlands and Taiwan in 2001, greatly facilitating exchange and mutual cooperation.

Goods exported

The majority of products exported from the Netherlands to Taiwan, fall into the following categories:

  • machinery
  • manufactured goods
  • transport equipment
  • chemicals