Finding a business partner in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs from Sweden

The Netherlands is Sweden's seventh largest export market and sixth largest trading partner. The country offers more than tulips and Amsterdam channels with its logistically strategic location and a market with a high degree of digitalization. The Dutch market is an attractive market for Swedish companies, favoring Swedish companies that manufacture innovative and qualitative products. The Netherlands also is an interesting test market for further expansion to countries in Europe, and the business climate resembles that of Sweden. About 450 Swedish companies are registered in the Netherlands.

Are you looking for a business partner in the Netherlands?

The following organizations can assist Swedish companies with information about the Dutch market:

Business Sweden
Business Sweden’s purpose is to help companies in Sweden to grow their international revenues and international companies to invest and expand in Sweden. Business Sweden has been active in the Netherlands since mid-1970. The office is located in The Hague, the administrative capital of the country where you will find international organizations like ICC, ICJ, Europol, as well as the Embassy of Sweden. Only 30 minutes away you will reach Amsterdam with Schiphol Airport, the county’s financial center. The Benelux region is covered through Business Sweden’s offices in The Hague and Brussels with a well-established local network.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is a non-profit organization founded in 1960. Their mission is to inspire, promote and extend the commercial and industrial relations between Swedish – Dutch individuals and companies. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce network consists of decision makers from Swedish and Dutch global companies, creative and innovative people, entrepreneurial start-ups, investors, insurance agencies, lawyers, and banks. They offer a wide range of useful business contacts for Swedish companies establishing their businesses in the Netherlands and for Swedish and Dutch companies who want to extend their business network. The office is located in Amsterdam.