Consular fees in Sri Lanka

Because of regular changes in the exchange rate we only mention the consular fees in Euros.

At the Embassy in Colombo you can pay by PIN or cash in Sri Lankan rupees (LKR). Please be aware that your bank may charge you for paying by bank card. These charges are not included in the fees for consular services.

Fees as of 01/01/2019

Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR
Option procedure: single    187,00
Option procedure: plural    319,00
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor      21,00
Naturalisation: single, standard    881,00
Naturalisation: plural, standard 1,124,00
Naturalisation: single, lowered     655,00
Naturalisation: plural, lowered    899,00
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor    130,00
Civic integration exam (for naturalisation)     350,00