Days on which our offices are closed

The embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka will be closed on the following dates:


Tuesday 01-01-2019 New Years Day
Tuesday 15-01-2019 Tamil Thai Pongal Day
Monday 04-02-2019 National Day
Wednesday 20-03-2019 Madin Poya Day
Friday 19-04-2019 Good Friday
Wednesday 01-05-2019 May Day
Wednesday 05-06-2019 Id-Ul-Fitr
Tuesday 16-07-2019 Esala Poya Day
Monday 12-08-2019 Id-Ul-Alha
Wednesday 14-08-2019 Nikini Poya day
Friday 13-09-2019 Binara Poya Day
Tuesday 12-11-2019 Ill Poya Day
Wednesday 25-12-2019 Christmas Day
Thursday 26-12-2019

Boxing Day

All other public holidays, including Poya days, the embassy will be open.