Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and South Sudan

The Netherlands is your partner in trade and economic cooperation.

The Netherlands has an open economy that depends heavily on foreign trade and investment.

Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is a gateway to Europe for foreign companies. Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol meets the highest international standards.

Business climate

The Netherlands is an attractive location for foreign businesses, because of its business-friendly regulations and its well-educated, multilingual population.

Do you have plans to do business in the Netherlands? You can find more information on the Doing business page.

Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and your country or region

South Sudan is currently facing a severe economic crisis, mainly due to the ongoing hostilities.  The economy is heavily geared towards the production of oil and highly susceptible to shocks. GNP per capita is a fraction of what it was at the time of independence. Hyperinflation and the rapid depreciation of the South Sudanese Pound add to the uncertainties of doing business in South Sudan. Dutch and other commercial banks have restrictions as to payments to and from South Sudan.

Nevertheless, South Sudan holds the promise of great potential, with a large proportion of highly fertile land and a potentially large workforce (South Sudan has one of the youngest populations on the planet). Due to the heightening insecurity, investing in the country is subject to risks and comes at a cost. The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands stands ready to advise potential investors and to direct them towards relevant authorities.

Subsidies and programmes for investing in emerging markets are managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Examples include:

Parties willing to make use of these instruments to invest in the economy and private sector of South Sudan are advised to inquire at RVO or contact the Embassy’s Trade Department for further information and assistance.