Security and stability: the Netherlands and South Sudan

The Netherlands is your partner in promoting peace and stability.

Long-term cooperation

Lasting peace requires long-term cooperation with local and regional partners, so that we can respond when trouble spots emerge and prevent new conflicts from arising. 

UN missions

The Netherlands participates in United Nations (UN) missions to help promote peace and protect civilians. Since 1947 more than 125,000 Dutch troops have taken part in over 60 UN peace missions. 

The Netherlands also supports reconstruction efforts in countries affected by war.

UN Security Council seat

In 2017 and 2018 the Netherlands and Italy will share a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

During their membership the Netherlands and Italy will focus their efforts on:

  • conflict prevention
  • peacekeeping
  • the protection of civilians during conflicts
  • the rule of law 
  • the effects of climate change on peace and security.

Security and stability: the Netherlands and your country or region

Human Security in South Sudan is largely challenged by the proliferation of small arms, a protracted culture of violence, inter- and intra-communal tensions and conflicts over natural resources. The Netherlands has strengthened its efforts to promote Security and Stability in South Sudan. Presently four programs related to democracy, human rights, peacebuilding & conflict resolution and gender-based violence are in progress with good results at the local level.

The Netherlands, together with Nonviolent Peaceforce, has made considerable progress in the GBV&Women empowerment program. Training programs raised awareness, self-protection, prevention, response and social skills. Not only amongst women and girls, but - equally important - amongst men and boys. The escalation of violence in mid-July 2016 has underscored the need for further outreach activities for women.

In conjunction with the Netherlands, Saferworld has prioritized local-level community concerns. Most of the implemented action plans focus on addressing triggers of local disputes and improving relationships among communities. In addition capacity building activities in, among others, the fields of conflict resolution, mediation and raising awareness on local-security issues were implemented.