Humanitarian affairs: The Netherlands and South Sudan

 With a staggering number of South Sudanese people displaced – of which many have fled to neighbouring countries – the humanitarian situation in South Sudan remains dire. The Netherlands provides humanitarian aid through unearmarked core contributions to humanitarian partners such as the World Food Programme, emergency allocations when crises worsen or emerge, as well as through Non-Governmental Organisations working in the field of humanitarian assistance.

The Netherlands’ budget for humanitarian aid is managed by the Department for Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid in The Hague. Through various unearmarked contributions, support to South Sudan’s Common Humanitarian Fund as well as ad hoc emergency allocations The Netherlands remains an important partner for humanitarian organizations working to alleviate needs in South Sudan.

An alliance of Dutch NGO’s – the Dutch Relief Alliance funded by the Relief Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – delivers targeted humanitarian assistance in the country under the banner of the South Sudan Joint Response. By working closely together and coordinating their activities these NGO’s strive to respond more timely to crises as well as work more efficiently based on each organization’s comparative advantage.