Digitalisation & High Tech

Singapore’s ICT and high tech sector is well developed and has become an integral part of the knowledge based economy. Similar to Singapore, the Netherlands has invested a lot in creating a conducive business and innovation environment for foreign and homegrown companies. Both countries have strong collaborations between research and industry. Adoption of industry 4.0 technologies, in the Netherlands referred to as smart industry, both countries aim to keep their competitive edge and be high value add manufacturing hubs. Companies, in Singapore strongly supported by the government, invest in upgrading production facilities and strengthening their supply chain, creating ample opportunity for collaboration between the two countries.

In 2020 Singapore and the Netherlands established the working group on digitalisation. Aim of the working group is to exchange information, best practices and stimulate collaboration and pilots with academia and industry in areas such as artificial intelligence and digital government. Cybersecurity is an important pillar in the smart transition in both countries and a topic in the strong bilateral relation.

Smart and Sustainable Mobility and Transport

Every year Singapore and the Netherlands top the list of the KPMG autonomous vehicle readiness index. Collaboration between government organisations and the projects of the Dutch applied research institute TNO showcase that both countries understand the potential impact. Joining forces for autonomous vehicle development -  Dutch company Sioux and Singapore company Moovita are working on the future of mobility. They have teamed up in 2020 to develop and improve communications between autonomous vehicles and passengers. In 2019 VDL Group won a tender from PSA, Singapore’s port operator, for 80 electric and autonomous vehicles to transport containers.

Image: VDL Automated Vehicles
VDL team at Advanced Automotive Solutions (AAS) with the first completed autonomous vehicle.
Singaporean and Dutch panel reflecting on being number 1 and 2 in the Smart Mobility Index at SG Innovate

Artificial Intelligence

The Embassy in Singapore works closely together with the Netherlands AI Coalition to connect the Singaporean and Dutch ecosystems for successful development and deployment of new solutions. Next to fundamentals and governance on AI, the Netherlands Innovation Network at the Netherlands Embassy started focusing on digital health in 2021.

Over the past years Singaporean and Dutch small medium enterprises successfully applied projects under the EUREKA framework. Using AI to improve water safety - The Watergroep, ZWEEC Analytics Pte Ltd, Demcon Advanced Mechatronics, HAL24K Water and Optiqua B.V. will develop a system to monitor water quality by combining real-time monitoring, event detection and event classification by using AI. An exciting collaboration between Singapore, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Blockchain collaboration between the Netherlands and Singapore started in 2018. Current projects are blockchain for electronic bill of lading / trade trus. There is interest to expand the collaboration to explore common interests in blockchain research translation and/or testing through a workshop on this topic in 2021. Leveraging the MOU between Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Singapore OpenNodes an industry roundtable to facilitate networking between Netherlands and Singapore companies with interest in blockchain will be organised in 2022.