The Netherlands Innovation Network Singapore

The Netherlands Innovation Network at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore stimulates international cooperation between companies, research institutes and public authorities in the fields of innovation, technology and science. The network's activities support the implementation of the international knowledge and innovation agenda of government of the Netherlands.

We address national and global challenges and aim to further develop key enabling technologies through international cooperation. And do that by:

  • providing knowledge about developments in the Netherlands and Singapore;
  • connecting to potential collaboration partners in both countries;
  • organising innovation missions, workshops, matchmaking events and seminars;
  • identifying funding mechanisms for bi- and multilateral cooperation.

We work closely with our colleagues at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore, to make sure we cover every aspect of companies and research institutes looking for opportunities abroad.

Singapore and the Netherlands have strong economic ties and collaborate closely in the fields of Life Sciences and Health, Circular economy, Water and Climate Adaptation, Agriculture & Food. Next to this sector specific collaborations that we build and expand on, we also put a lot of effort in bringing ecosystems together on key enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Blockchain, Robotics. We support these partnerships and work closely together with government, leading research institutes and companies, including start-ups and scaleups, to build and expand collaborations.

The Netherlands Innovation Network is the partner for your international R&D ambitions, we are happy to help and are always open for an exploratory discussion!

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Instruments for collaboration

Although there are no bilateral funding instruments for collaboration between Singapore and Netherlands, there are opportunities to make use of national or EU frameworks to support cooperation financially. We are happy to explore those for both Dutch and Singaporean interested organisations.


Since 2021, Singapore is an associated country in the EUREKA network. This means that via funding instruments part of EUREKA, there is support possible for Singapore and Dutch collaborative projects. The latest call under this framework is Eurostars, which closes on the 4th of November. Eurostars is the largest international funding programme for SMEs wishing to collaborate on R&D projects that create innovative products, processes or services for commercialisation. A collaboration with 1 Singaporean and 1 Dutch partner are eligible. The consortium must spotlight an innovative SME as the main project participant. We will update this page and our LinkedIn when new calls are open.

Meet the team!

Astrid Seegers
Head of Innovation

Astrid moved to Singapore over 9 years ago and started at the Embassy in 2016. She has developed an extensive network over the past 5 years. Astrid has been involved in several bilateral collaborations, such as the government to government MOU in the field of water and circular economy, as well as R&D projects in the areas of artificial intelligence and smart mobility. Astrid has a background in supply chain and logistics, but a broad interest and passion to connect. As head of the department she is responsible for alignment of strategy and activity of the Netherlands Innovation Network in Singapore with the Dutch international knowledge and innovation agenda and reporting on relevant policy topics. She also supports the bilateral working group on digitalisation, which aims to exchange information, best practices and stimulate collaboration and pilots with academia and industry in the areas of artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, and digital government.

Jose Snoep
Advisor for Innovation, Technology and Science

José relocated to Singapore in the Fall of 2021, and has since joined the team as Advisor for Innovation, Technology and Science. She previously was a Government Data Science trainee and worked as a junior data scientist with the Ministry of Defence. The ambition to join the Netherlands Innovation Network from an innovation hub with Asian-tiger mentality grew during a ministry of Economic Affairs secondment at Programme International Innovation. José has a background in international business, and her primary focus will be on life sciences and health, starting with stimulating collaborations in digital health innovation.