Doing business in Singapore

Singapore’s unique geographic position as a hub into Asia, the world’s best business environment, high quality education and living standards have made the country the most attractive investment destination in the world. But these are not the only reasons why the Netherlands is a major investor in Singapore. The Dutch have built an excellent reputation that goes back to the very founding of Singapore and currently services exactly those areas Singapore takes a particular interest in.

Singapore is a dynamic, constantly changing city. The Singapore society embraces innovative technological solutions for personal use and application on a broader scale as well.

New buildings are being built, the newest technologies are being applied and top rated universities educate the highly skilled workforce of the future. The Singaporeans have a pro- business mentality. The city-state, albeit small, offers business opportunities on many fronts. The construction sector presents opportunities for architects, designers, construction companies and green building and energy efficiency specialists. ICT solutions in all sectors are sought after.

We support your business

We offer active support to Dutch companies already present in Singapore and those starting to explore the Singaporean market, especially SME’s and start-ups. We also provide advice to Singaporean companies interested in trade and investment in the Netherlands.

Our main services include the following:

  • Providing information about doing business in Singapore
  • Providing a detailed overview of potential business partners in Singapore
  • Monitoring business opportunities
  • Supporting trade missions and visits to Singapore
  • Organizing networking events for Dutch businesses with Singaporean counterpart
  • Providing advice and assistance in case of conflict situations
  • Advising on available instruments and services
  • Promoting Dutch business in Singapore
  • Priority is given to supporting Start-ups and SME’s

Monitoring business opportunities

The Embassy is constantly scanning for business opportunities, particularly in the priority sectors. Relevant leads, including tenders and policy developments, are published on the Embassy website and can be sent directly to your company at your request.

Networking opportunities

The Embassy regularly organizes networking events for Dutch businesses with Singaporean counterparts. These can be general receptions/events in partnership with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (ADB DutchCham) or seminars/functions linked to a specific incoming mission. The aim is to provide a platform to share best practices and explore business opportunities with potential partners.

Business support instruments

The Netherlands Government has developed several instruments to support Dutch companies in doing business in Singapore. For more information, please visit the Singapore page of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). RVO can help with grants, finding business partners, know-how, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Singaporean support

Apart from Dutch support, there are possibilities for receiving assistance from the Singaporean government for enterprises registered in Singapore. The Singaporean government is investing in innovation and international partnerships. They support the complete process from fundamental research to test bedding. The purpose of this assistance is to support Singapore’s focus on productivity improvements, automation and digitalization. To mention a few key governmental agencies driving these:

  • ESG Enterprise SG is the governmental agency championing enterprise development. It is also the national standards and accreditation body.
  • The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
    is responsible for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business centre. The aim is to create sustainable growth for Singapore and to achieve this the agency provides comprehensive investor support.
  • SG Innovate is a deep tech investor enabling entrepreneurial men and women to build technology intensive solutions that are globally relevant.
  • IPI Singapore is an innovation catalyst that creates opportunities for enterprises to grow beyond boundaries. As a subsidiary of Enterprise Singapore, it accelerates the innovation process of enterprises through access to its global innovation ecosystem and advisory services.

Relevant contacts

  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)