The Customs Department

Dutch Customs has posted attachés in locations all over the world. These representatives are making efforts to cooperate with local authorities and they help to promote international trade by aiming for smarter customs procedures together with the host country. Furthermore, they contribute to combating fraud, and they cooperate with other enforcement agencies.

The customs attachés coordinate their work with the trade section and with attachés from other departments such as agriculture and police. The Customs attaché for Southeast Asia is Ms. Guusta Visser.

Ms. Guusta Visser, based at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, is also accredited for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In these countries, she works with the local authorities to develop positive working relationships and identify collaboration opportunities for Dutch Customs, and the relevant authorities in the Netherlands.

At the Embassy, Mr. Lewis Lau, International Relations Officer, works together with Guusta and focuses on Singapore.

As the Netherlands and Singapore are the gateways to Europe and Southeast Asia, the cooperation between Dutch Customs and Singapore Customs will promote trade facilitation between both countries, and enhance trade security through better risk assessment.

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Job Title


Ms. Guusta Visser

Customs attaché

Mr. Lewis Lau

International Relations Officer