Netherlands’ Fund for Regional Partnership – MATRA

Strengthening democratic processes, the rule of law, public institutions and civil society has long been a focus area for the Netherlands’ foreign policy. One of the longest running programs in this area is the Matra program for social transformation, which has been running without interruption since 1993. Matra started as a program aimed at helping the former Eastern bloc countries to become strong, pluriform societies. The program now focuses on helping to strengthen civil society organizations, democracy and the rule of law in pre-accession countries, the countries of the Eastern Partnership and countries in the Arab region.

Matra makes use of several instruments, each of which aims to improve the relationship between government and citizens in different ways, reflecting the four major themes: 1) supporting democratic development, 2) civil society organizations, 3) promoting the rule of law, and 4) reliable institutions.

Within Matra framework the embassies provide direct support to projects of local civil society organizations in order to promote constructive dialogue between government and civil society through demand-driven and small-scale projects. The main areas of project support are legislation and justice; good governance.

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Policy Officer - Aleksandra Kalinić