EU-GCC Trade & Investment dialogue on Agro-Food - 16 & 17 Ma7

On 16 & 17 May a GCC-EU trade and investment dialogue took place, please find below the findings concerning the agro-food sector.


The Customs Union of the Gulf States was established in order to implement and apply a unified tariff for the countries of the outside world. The minimum wage doubling will be applied due to the manipulation of customs invoices with 100%.

Economic cooperation:

In the light of their mutual interests and in accordance with their long-term economic objectives, the Contracting

Parties undertake to establish within the limits of their competence, the broadest possible economic cooperation from which no field shall be excluded in advance.

In the economic and technical fields, the Contracting Parties shall strive to encourage and facilitate the following:

  • the efforts made by the GCC countries to developed their productive sectors and the economic infrastructure in order to diversify the structure of their economies, taking into account the mutual interest of the Parties,
  • market surveys and trade promotion by both parties on their respective markets and on other markets,
  • the promotion of cooperation in the fields of standards and measurements,
  • the exchange of available information on short and medium-term prospects and forecasts for production, consumption and trade,

In the industrial field

the GCC countries’ efforts to develop their industrial production and diversify and expand their economic base, taking into account the mutual interest of the Contracting Parties

In the field of energy

  • Cooperation in the two regions by energy undertakings of the Community and the GCC countries,
  • Joint analyses of trade between the two regions in crude oil, gas and petroleum products and its industrial aspects with a view to considering ways and means of improving their trade exchanges,
  • Exchanges of views and information on matters relating to energy in general and respective energy policies

In the field of investments

the Contracting Parties shall strive to take steps for the mutual promotion and protection of investments, in particular through the extension by the Member States of the Community and the GCC countries of investment promotion and protection agreements with a view to improving reciprocal investment conditions.

In the fields of science and technology

Cooperation in scientific and technological research and development in the two regions, the transfer and adaptation of technology, notably through research activities and appropriate arrangements between economic operators of the two regions in (Construction, Aviation, Real Estate, etc.

GCC Rulemaking and Regulatory Practice-Technical regulations, standards, and Products regulations :

GCC food import guide (implementation ) 2017

GCC regulatory requirements for Halal

GCC halal Accreditation Procedures (more detail on website )

 Energy drinks: GSO Harmonization and National Exceptions: in Brief

Complementary Standards:

  • labeling of prepackages foodstuffs
  • hygienic regulations for food plants
  • non -alcoholic carbonated beverages

General Requirements :

All raw material and food addictive used in the manufacture of Energy Drinks shall comply with the relevant gulf Standards.