Innovations for a sustainable future

The Netherlands wants to use the momentum of the Russian ratification of the Paris Agreement on 23 September 2019 to engage in a dialogue on a sustainable future. Dutch top universities and innovative companies can contribute.

Electric mobility; moving towards a sustainable future

King Willem-Alexander e-Mobility
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands plugging in an electric car.

The Netherlands is leading in developing charging infrastructure. The Dutch initiative 'Open Charge Point Interface Protocol' enables e-cars to charge at any charging point, regardless of the energy supplier. With this unique technology, investors in power grids, real estate and regional authorities can further develop local charging infrastructure, which is a necessity for future mobility. For more information, see ElaadNL.

Dutch Science Talks

Tile Innovation and sustainability
©Daan Roosegaarde

Dutch Science Talks is a series of lectures initiated by the Netherlands Education Support Office in Russia, in close collaboration with the Embassy and the Consulate-General. The project introduces the Russian audience to Dutch research trends. Scholars debate topics such as peace and justice, circular economy, agriculture and food and design. Subscribe to the newsletter on

More time for patients with artificial intelligence

Rusland, technologie

Dutch multinational Philips has a lab at the tech-hub Skolkovo to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to the healthcare sector. AI allows doctors to make more precise diagnoses and helps them dedicate more time to their patients. The Dutch Embassy in Moscow supports companies such as Philips by bringing together scientists, researchers and governments.