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Speech by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, National Remembrance Day, 4 May 2020

Portret King Willem Alexander
©RVD/Erwin Olaf

It feels strange to be standing in an almost empty Dam Square. But I know that you all feel part of this National Remembrance Day, and that we are standing here together.

During these exceptional months, we have all had to give up some of our freedom. This country hasn’t experienced anything like this since the Second World War. Now, we are choosing our own path. For our lives and our health. 

Back then, the choice was made for us. By an occupier with a merciless ideology that caused the deaths of millions of people. How did that total lack of freedom feel? Read here the full speech of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander on Remembrance Day 4 May 2020 at the National Monument on Dam Square in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.