Bridging differences between countries

Culture, science and education can bridge differences between countries. Because by knowing more about each other, people understand each other better. That’s why the Netherlands actively engages and partners up with Russian institutions such as museums, universities, art schools and festivals.

Hermitage Amsterdam; a long standing partnership

Tile Hermitage Amsterdam
©Luuk Kramer, Hermitage Amsterdam

Working together since 2009, Hermitage Amsterdam and Saint Petersburg have developed a close partnership. Whereas Hermitage Saint Petersburg is an expert in its own unmatched collection, Hermitage Amsterdam has become an expert in how to exhibit it. Museum 15/24 is a project in which both partners combine their expertise. The project is supported by Foreign Affairs and aims to engage the youth.

Modern meets classic dance

Conny Janssn Dance School

With support from the Dutch consulate in Saint Petersburg, the Rotterdam dance school ‘Conny Janssen Danst’ cooperates with its Saint Petersburg counterpart Kannon Dance. By mixing classic Russian and modern Dutch dance, a new ‘school of dance’ emerges. In joint performances Russian and Dutch dancers stage a marvelling symbiosis of two cultures. Watch a TEDxRotterdam YouTube-clip on ‘Conny Janssen Danst’.

Gavroche theater festival for children

Tile Gavroche Festival

The embassy supported the renowned Moscow annual Gavroche festival of youth theatre in 2019, when the Netherlands was the focus country. One of the most acclaimed performances was ‘Music from Downstairs’, which is about a street full of closed doors. Children were writing letters to the characters, lying on the ground and sitting on tables, after the actors invited them to do so.

Exhibition ‘How Dutch deal with heritage’

This exhibition was on display in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ivanovo, Krasnoyarsk, Tula, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. It was inspired by a book from architects Paul Meurs and Marinke Steenhuis on how Dutch architects and planners transform abandoned buildings into new landmarks. The exhibition exists of interactive installations and video interviews with the authors, architects and experts. Watch a YouTube-video here.

Tile Van Nelle Factory Rotterdam