Consular fees in Portugal

Fees of the various services at the embassy in Portugal.

The Netherlands embassy in Lisbon prefers electronic payments (with debit card or credit card). If this is not possible, you can pay cash in euros (EUR).

You cannot derive any rights from the amounts stated here. The amounts may change at any time.

Fees as of 1 January 2020

Dutch travel documents EUR
Passport adult                                                                                           139,70
Passport (minors 0-17) 121,85
Business passport 139,70
Emergency document/ Laissez passer  49,80
Laissez passer for a corpse  60,00
ID card adult 126,20
ID card minor  (0-17) 98,60
Fast track surcharge 10,25
Options and Naturalisations EUR
Option: Single (A) 191,00
Option: Plural (B) 326,00
Option: including a minor (C) 21,00
Naturalisation: single, standard (D) 901,00
Naturalisation: plural, standard (E)                                                      1150,00
Naturalisation: single, lowered (F) 670,00
Naturalisaton: plural, lowered (G) 920,00
Naturalisation: including a minor (H) 133,00
Consular Documents
Statement regarding Dutch nationality 30,00
Statement regarding civil status 30,00
Statement regardig income and assets 30,00
Certificate of no impediment to marry 30,00
Statement of being alive 30,00
Statement of residence 30,00
Legalization signature Dutch national 26,25
Legalization document 26,25
Assistance in requesting  documents 103,00