Rule of Law

The Government of the Netherlands promotes the development of the international legal order, both inside and outside of the European Union. This demands an active attitude and policy regarding the rule of law as part of the fundamental values of the EU.

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EU values

The EU is a community of values: a legal community which, according to Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, has its foundation in shared values like the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights. Rule of law and democracy within the Union should be respected and strengthened, as it is essential for a well-functioning Union. Mutual trust between member states and their respective legal orders is crucial.

What we do

The Netherlands has expressed its concerns about judicial reforms in Poland both bilaterally as well as within the framework of the EU and supports activities in Poland to increase public awareness on the importance of rule of law and to stimulate contacts between relevant professionals in both countries to share best practices. 

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One of the initiatives the embassy has supported in this regard is the Constitutional Week that was organized by the Hołda Association. During this week lawyers all over Poland inform secondary school students on the importance of the Constitutional State.