Human rights initiatives supported by the Dutch embassy

Promoting and protecting human rights worldwide is a priority in the foreign policy of the Netherlands. The Netherlands employs a wide array of actions and initiatives geared towards the strengthening of human rights.

Thanks to support of the embassy the Palace of Culture building in the center of Warsaw was illuminated on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) in 2021.


In Poland, the embassy has cooperated with several Human Rights organizations, such as the LGBT organization Transfuzja. We supported Transfuzja with the publication of a leaflet containing information on transgender issues and guidelines for mental health care providers on how to work with this social group.

Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business

The embassy has supported the Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business (PIHRB). PIHB is currently working on the development of no-nonsense guidance for organizations from various sectors, yet with strong focus on the private sector on how to make an organization inclusive. The manual not only takes a company through all stages of developing an inclusive environment, but also provides specific sections dedicated to the special needs of individual vulnerable groups, i.e. transgender people, people with disabilities, people with temporary inabilities or mental health issues.

Image: ©Embassy of the Netherlands Poland
‘Orange the World’ - Stop Violence against Women (at Netherlands Embassy Warsaw)

Women’s rights

Other examples of our focus areas are gender issues and women’s rights. We are trying to engage by taking part in social campaigns, broadening our network with Polish women in politics, academics, the corporate sector and NGOs, etc. in order to identify possible ways of cooperation.

Image: ©Watchdocs

Culture and people-to-people

Our embassy is also a long time contributor to the Watch Docs Film festival. An annual festival with worldwide produced documentaries on Human Rights. Read more about our cultural activities on the topic page.