Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Poland

In 2022 the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomed the iconic Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Poland.

Sylwia Chutnik in Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Warsaw
Image: ©NLinPoland

By bringing the iconic dress to Poland, displaying it at the Warsaw Pride Parade 2022 and having a photoshoot of the dress with LGBTIQ+ allies, the Embassy wanted to mark that equal rights for LGBTIQ+ people and values like openness, tolerance and inclusiveness, which the Rainbow Dress stands for, are key priorities for the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a living work of art, comprised of flags of 68 countries where being LGBTIQ+ is punishable by law. Whenever one of these countries changes its legislature in favor of the LGBTQ+, its flag is replaced by a rainbow flag. The Polish flag is not included in the Dress as being LGBTIQ+ is not punishable by Polish national law. The LGBTIQ+ community however does experience challenges and pressure.

Janina Bak in Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Warsaw
Image: ©NLinPoland

Before the parade, the Embassy asked two well-known Polish activists to pose in the Rainbow Dress in several places in Warsaw. It was important to keep the attention to the LGBTI+ topic therefore also a professional photosession with activists was organized.

A year later the Embassy organized an exhibition of the pictures of the Dress in Warsaw and a booklet was published with picutres of the Dress and insights from the people involved in the project. This gave an opportunity to raise this important topic once again.