Offshore wind energy trade mission to Poland

Are you a representative of a Dutch company or knowledge institution active in offshore wind energy? And would you like to do business with and establish contacts in Poland? Then participate in this trade mission from the Netherlands to Poland from 13 to 15 June 2022, organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 

The mission is the perfect opportunity to broaden your network in the region and deepen your knowledge of the Polish market. In addition, you can explore new business opportunities in Poland and enhance existing ones.

Please note that this trade mission is subject to a COVID-19 clause.

offshore wind

Why participate?

In Poland there is a need for foreign knowledge and expertise in the field of offshore wind energy. A lot of work is being done to develop value chains in this sector. Many players want to cooperate with parties from leading countries such as the Netherlands. Trade events have been organized in Poland before in the field of offshore wind energy. There, Polish parties clearly showed interest in the Dutch knowledge and expertise.

Tendering has started for several offshore wind projects. Plans are being made and collaborations set up for other projects. So this is the perfect moment for Dutch companies to strengthen their network and present themselves in Poland for participation in these projects.

From June 13 to 15, the Wind Energy Conference (PWEA) will take place in Serock, Poland. This conference is part of the mission. You will meet all the main Polish stakeholders, both public and private, at this leading conference.

Opportunities in Poland

Poland is still heavily dependent on coal. But the country, like other EU member states, needs to make a major effort in the energy transition. This means that i.a. the production of renewable energy will increase significantly in the years to come. 

For Poland, the development of wind energy on the Baltic Sea is one of the best ways to achieve this energy transition. Poland wants to develop almost 6 GW (gigawatts) of offshore wind capacity by 2030. By 2040, it should be around 11 GW. After this period, the capacity may even reach 28 GW, experts believe.

For whom?

Participation is interesting for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions that work in offshore wind energy and have a focus on i.a.:

  • offshore installation & transport;
  • maintenance;
  • engineering;
  • port infrastructure & logistics;
  • ecology;
  • training & education;
  • and other suppliers and service providers from the offshore wind sector.

Preliminary program

The program consists of the following components:

  • participation in PWEA2022 Conference from 13 to 15 June 2022;
  • informative sessions, including a presentation of the market survey for Dutch companies, which we have updated especially for this mission;
  • networking events, including a trade reception or trade dinner;
  • individual matchmaking: tailored networking sessions;
  • introductions and roundtables with influential players and decision makers.

For more information on the conditions for participation, contact details and registration, please consult the following website (in Dutch only): 
Handelsmissie Offshore-windenergie naar Polen (