Water management

In recent years, we have been observing progressive climate changes, which in Poland are manifested by increased temperature fluctuations and lack of rainfall during plant growth. In the Netherlands, unfavorable plant-growing conditions have been observed in addition. As agricultural drought has an enormous impact on farmers and farming, the Embassy and NPCC recently organized a webinar on agricultural drought management.


Drought sollutions

Polish and Dutch speakers gave an overview of the drought situation and policies in this area making use of studies of sustainable irrigation and soil management. They made clear that sustainable and affordable solutions should be discussed and implemented in a short time span and adjusted to local needs and environment.

Exchanging practices

They concluded, among other things, that farmers need to be taught how to save water, capture it and use it more efficiently. In this respect, Poland and The Netherlands can benefit from exchanging best practices, for example by participation in a research exchange platform and in EU projects, including sharing modern Dutch technologies.

Join the think-tank

The Embassy would welcome your input and will continue its work to encourage cooperation on agricultural drought management. For on the webinar visit the topic site.