Circular Economy

One of the main priorities of the embassy’s economic affairs section is helping to introduce the circular economy concept in Poland. This is done by encouraging Dutch companies and public organisations to share their know-how and become active on the Polish market. To accomplish this we organise a wide range of activities, including the highly successful Circular Economy Week.

Dutch Circular Day 2021

The Dutch Day of the Circular Week 2021 in Poland staged the advantages and importance of circular economy and facilitated a visit of ten Dutch entrepreneurs to Poland. To get general impression, a short wrap-up film, giving a flavor of what went on can be watched at Circular Week 2021 - Dutch Day

circular week 2021 a

Circular economy practices in manufacturing

During session on “Circular economy practices in manufacturing” the companies demonstrated and discussed how Circular manufacturing can work, showcasing enterprises in the Netherlands and Poland in various sectors, such as design, construction, textiles, interior and financial services. 

Dutch Circular Day 1 session

Dutch company, CIRCULARITY BV, used the podium of Dutch Circular Day to launch their brand new license system for circular textile production and they got very enthusiastic about producing clothes without raw materials in EU. Studio MIXTURA, offered their design to produce interior and exterior, they are looking for partners in Poland to use ceramic glaze, stone and mineral residue. Dutch company, WOODYSHOUSING, building affordable circular wooden housing presented their projects and invited Polish partners to build together circular buildings for Poles. 

Dutch Circular Day 2 session

Dutch Circular Day was also the opportunity for International company active in Poland, Tarkett, to prove circular production is taking place also in Poland. Dutch-Polish company ENKEV showed that they are able to recycle used mattresses and bring back the recycled fibres in production. 
Dutch Circular Day hosted also bankers from ING Bank Śląski S.A.  and Triodos Investment Management  who elaborated on the financial aspects around circular manufacturing. PARP- Polish Agency for Enterprise Development  and EIB-European Investment Bank announced that funding and preferential loans are available. 
It was also the unique opportunity to hear the insights and experiences of well-known Dutch circular investor, Guido Braam, Co-Owner Powered by Meaning group, Founder Route Circulair, C Beta, Buildings that matter, Circular pioneer and entrepreneur.

Are you interested in circular manufacturing & finance? Watch back the panel discussions at Circular Week 2021 - Manufacturing

Towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa

During session “Towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa” Dutch restaurants Instock and Circl  showcased how they actively prevent food waste. 

Food waste reduction is possible also thanks to circular solutions for the restaurants, hotels and cafés, such as automatic food waste monitoring offered by Dutch company Orbisk or strategic advice and training in creating sustainable menu  offered by Greendish

Are you active in HoReCa business and interested in food waste reduction? Watch back panel discussion at Circular Week 2021 - Food Waste

We would like to thank our partner Innowo/Polish Circular Hotspot for all their help and organizing Circular Week 2021 and we are looking forward to Circular Week 2022