Circular Economy

One of the main priorities of the embassy’s economic affairs section is helping to introduce the circular economy concept in Poland. This is done by encouraging Dutch companies and public organisations to share their know-how and become active on the Polish market. To accomplish this we organise a wide range of activities, including the highly successful Circular Economy Week.


The success of Circular Economy Week shows that it has become an excellent platform for reaching out to Polish organisations that are interested in advancing the circular economy. By showcasing sustainable concepts from both private and public sector organisations in the Netherlands, we aim to demonstrate that circularity is not only a must but can also be a profitable business model. We invite Dutch (or ‘Dutch-flavoured’) companies to Poland to participate, share success stories, learn, be inspired and meet potential business partners.

Circular Business Models Conference


The Circular Business Models conference was the embassy’s flagship event during Circular Week 2020. The conference showed that there is much work to be done in the years ahead. Fortunately, more and more companies are seizing on the idea of a circular economy and applying circular strategies in their own organisations. Circular business models can be implemented in existing enterprises as well as new ones. More than 200 participants from different sectors and countries took part in the conference, which shows that there is interest and willingness when it comes to applying profitable circular strategies.

Company expertise

Guest speakers from leading Dutch companies shared their experiences at the conference. Among them were representatives of ING, Signify, Grupa Żywiec, Van Werven Plastic Recycling, Desch Plantpak IPP and Blue Fifty, as well as a number of newcomers, including CooLoo, MUD Jeans, Waterweg and ECOR Europe. They explained that switching to circular models is possible and that it is resource-friendly and good for sales.

Missed the conference?

By providing a platform for sharing experiences, the embassy hopes to have given companies a nudge in the right direction. If you missed the conference, a recording is available on LinkedIn and YouTube. Watch the event in part or in full. If you would like to know more about our work conserning circular economy, you can read the interview on this subject with our Economic Counsellor.