Durable Trade and investment

The economic ties between Poland and the Netherlands are booming—exports and investments are growing. Yet, our countries are facing similar challenges: growing mobility, CO2 emissions and climate change. In these areas the Netherlands closely cooperate with Polish organisations, The Polish government and our Polish partners. This creates the opportunity to learn from each other’s solutions by exchanging best practices.

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Circular Economy

One of the main priorities of the Embassy’s Economic Department is helping to introduce circular economy in Poland. This is done by attracting Dutch companies and public organisations to share their know-how and become active on the Polish market. To accomplish this the embassy organizes many activities. A very successful one was The Circular Economy week in 2021. On this occasion entrepreneurs and governments of both countries explored the many possibilities of circular business together.

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Energy Transition

With ambitious plans to contribute to the European goal, Poland and the Netherlands move forward to reinforce their positions to boost offshore wind energy. Both countries are strategically located at the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts with favourable conditions to construct offshore wind farms. Making their goals for energy neutrality in 2050 more than feasible. Read more about the polish and Dutch goals.

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Sustainable Mobility

To strengthen cooperation with Poland in the field of sustainable mobility the Embassy among others organized an e-mobility fact-finding company mission to Poland.

With more than 203.000 electric cars and around 800 e-buses on the roads, combined with a dense and advanced network of almost 60.000 charging points, the Netherlands can be considered one of the frontrunners in e-mobility worldwide. Learn more about what we do in the field of sustainable mobility.

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Water Management

In recent years, we have been observing progressive climate changes, which in Poland are manifested by increased temperature fluctuations and lack of rainfall during plant growth. In addition, Scientists in the Netherlands have observed unfavourable plant-growing conditions. As agricultural drought has an enormous impact on farmers and farming, the Embassy and NPCC recently organized a webinar on agricultural drought management.