Financial support for cultural projects

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland and its consulates function as promoters and supporters of international cultural cooperation and are not operating as cultural funds. The embassy in Poland has access to limited funds for supporting small-scale projects that contribute to the policy goals of the embassy.

Funding of cultural projects from the Netherlands in Poland and in Belarus is done by the Dutch state financed culture funds (see the list below). These funds are responsible for allocating financial support for international projects within the framework of international cultural policy.

Please explore your possibilities to apply for funding in the framework of the culture funds in the Netherlands before contacting the embassy.
An overview of culture funds in the Netherlands ( State financed and private) can be found on: the website of Dutch Culture

State financed culture funds in the Netherlands

Performing Arts
Performing Arts Fund (Fonds Podiumkunsten)
The Performing Arts Fund is a cultural fund for music, music theatre, dance, theatre and festivals in the Netherlands. On behalf of the Dutch government the Fund supports all kinds of professional performing arts.

The Netherlands Film Fund (Nederlands Filmfonds) 
The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production in the Netherlands. It focuses on the quality and diversity of feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation and experimental films. It also supports activities such as film festivals, coproduction markets and individual training for film professionals.

Architecture, design, e-culture
Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie)
The Creative Industries Fund operates within the context of the Dutch government’s culture policy and focuses on all the designing disciplines and on E-culture in a broad sense. The Fund issues project grants in order to foster substantive quality in architecture, urban design, landscape design, product design, graphic design, fashion and E-culture, to foster innovation and cross-sector approaches and to professionalize entrepreneurship.

Dutch Foundation For Literature (Nederlands Letterenfonds)
The Dutch Foundation For Literature has the task of supporting writers and translators, and of promoting Dutch literature abroad. It invests in the quality and diversity of literature through grants for writers, translators, publishers and festivals, and contributes to the production and distribution of Dutch and Frisian literature at home and abroad.

Visual Art, design and Photography
Mondriaan Fund (Mondriaan Fonds)
The Mondriaan Fund is a state financed cultural funding organization that focuses on visual arts and cultural heritage. It aims to encourage innovation and excellence in these fields by supporting outstanding artists, cultural heritage and art organizations and projects in the Netherlands, and promoting contemporary art from the Netherlands abroad.

Cultural heritage
Mondriaan Fund (Mondriaan Fonds)  See above.

Dutch Culture Heritage Desk
Dutch Culture Heritage Desk has an extensive network and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience between organizations and countries. Priorities of the Netherlands’ international heritage policy are the Mutual Cultural Heritage programme and European cooperation.

Embassy Fund for Cultural Diplomacy

The Dutch embassies and consulates function as promoters and supporters of international cultural cooperation and are not operating as cultural funds. The embassy does have limited funds available for small-scale cultural projects (Embassy Fund for Cultural Diplomacy) that contribute to the policy goals of the Netherlands.

The number of applications the embassy receives every year substantially exceeds the available budget. Therefore the embassy has to make a comparative analysis of all project applications. From the many application submitted, only the projects that contribute to the policy goals of the embassy the most, are selected. The grants awarded are conditional upon sufficient funds are available in the budget of the embassy.

Within its grant program for local cultural projects the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands aims to:

  • strengthen the political-, social-, or cultural dialogue and support projects that contribute to the sustainable development goals or European values;

  • support Dutch economic interest, promote the Dutch creative industries and assist projects with a market expanding effect for the Dutch cultural sector;

  • support projects that focus on the increase of knowledge of the cultural sector of the Netherlands;

  • be partner for a network of organizations that spread the knowledge of the historic ties between Poland and the Netherlands, as well as organizations that protect and preserve Polish-Dutch common cultural heritage;

  • assist the ‘Dutch Language Departments’ at the universities in Poland and promote Dutch language and literature.

The following guidelines apply to cultural projects in Poland and in Belarus funded by the embassy:

  • a project must contribute to the aims of the grant program for local cultural projects;
  • application should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the starting date of the project;
  • application must be submitted by a Polish or a Belarusian organization;
  • project should be implemented in Poland or in Belarus;
  • local organization must be adequate staffed and should be financially sound;
  • application should be submitted in English language and it has to be signed by a representative of the staff;
  • application should include a transparent and realistic budget proposal;
  • project must be of adequate quality, by both Dutch and Polish standards;
  • support must be essential for the project to take place (in other words, it should not be used to make a "profit");
  • costs have to be shared in a reasonable manner. Not all expenses can be borne by the Dutch side;
  • cost-effect ratio must be acceptable.

Please note that no financial support can be given to help finance:

  • honoraria of members of the Polish organization
  • infrastructural and overhead costs;
  • strictly commercial projects;
  • traditional and general Holland promotion;
  • activities that have already started or taken place;
  • costs related to studies or scientific publications (such as student exchanges, study costs, research and travel costs of students and researchers).

If you wish to apply for funding, please contact the cultural department of the embassy before sending the application.
Applications can be submitted all the year round on standard application forms, which will be send to you upon request.


Mr. Martin van Dijk (+48) 22 - 5591253
Ms. Katarzyna Kolman (+48) 22 – 5591251