Who are we?

Embassy staff


Ambassador - Ms Daphne Bergsma

Acting Deputy Head of Mission, Head of Political Department   - Mr Jean-Pierre Kempeneers

Senior Management Assistant - Ms Anna Duda

telephone: +48 22 5591202

e-mail: war-cdp@minbuza.nl

Political Department

First Secretary, Deputy Head of Department - Ms E. Dautovic

Press and Cultural Affairs - Mr M. van Dijk

Senior Policy Officer - Ms K.A. Kolman

Senior Policy Officer - Mr W. Borodzicz-Smoliński

Senior Policy Officer - Ms M. Andała

Senior Policy Officer - Mr K.J. Weyher

Policy Officer Labour Migration and Social Affairs - Ms U. Kozłowska

Secretary - Ms K. Ogrodowska

telefoon: +48 22 5591205

e-mail: war@minbuza.nl

General and Consular Affairs Department

Head of Department - Ms S.A. Duurken

Assistant - Ms M. Cieślińska

Assistant - Mr A. Golis

Assistant - Mr D. Goch

Employee - Mr C. Gołos

Employee - Mr K. Rodziewicz

telephone: +48 22 5591200

e-mail: war@minbuza.nl

Economic and Commercial Department

Head of Department - Mr S. Kaasjager

First Secretary, dep. Head of Department - Mr F. van de Pieterman 

Trade Advisor - Ms J. Kosicka

Trade Advisor - Ms D. Idsardi

Trade Advisor - Ms D. van den Bercken

Administrative support officer  - Ms A. Słomińska

telephone: +48 22 5591238

e-mail: war-ea@minbuza.nl

Department for agriculture, nature and foodquality

Agriculture Counsellor, Head of Department - Ms C. Spaans

Agricultural Advisor - Mr O. Horbańczuk

Agricultural Advisor - Ms A. Murawska

telephone: +48 22 5591238

e-mail: war-lnv@minbuza.nl

Defence Department

Defence Attaché - Lieutenant-Colonel S.A. van Iwaarden

Assistant Defence Attaché - Ms S. Gołębiewska

telephone: +48 22 5591271

e-mail: war-def@minbuza.nl