Consular fees in Pakistan

Fees of the various services at the Embassy in Pakistan. You can also pay in local currency (PKR); however, it is subject to daily conversion rate of EUR to PKR.

Fees as of 1 January, 2019



local currency

Schengen visa children < 6 years free of charge
Schengen visa children 6 - 11 years 35.00 N/A
Schengen visa normal fee 60.00 N/A
Schengen visa, low fee: visa facilitation for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia 35.00 N/A
Carribbean visa 35.00 N/A
Schengen visa high fee 70.00 N/A
MVV (Authorisation for temporay stay), diffent fees, depending on purpose of stay
Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR local currency
Option procedure: single 187.00 N/A
Option procedure: plural 319.00 N/A
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor 21.00 N/A
Naturalisation: single, standard 881.00 N/A
Naturalisation: plural, standard 1,124.00 N/A
Naturalisation: single, lowered 655.00 N/A
Naturalisation: plural, lowered 899.00 N/A
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor 130.00 N/A
Civic integration exam (for naturalisation) 350.00 N/A