Bilateral Cooperation Programmes

Тhe Netherlands has maintained a close relationship with North Macedonia since it's independence in 1991. The Netherlands has provided political support for the transition process towards a multi-party democracy and market economy. Moreover it provided political and rehabilitation support in 2001 to solve and recover from the internal conflict.

An intensive development cooperation programme with North Macedonia started in 1994 with a focus on education, private sector development, agriculture, gender and public finance management. Grants amounting to approximately € 200 million were provided, of which around € 100 million in budget support. Since North Macedonia evolved from being an ODA (Official Development Assistance) eligible partner to a middle income country in the past decade and became a candidate member of the EU in 2005, a policy shift was set in motion to phase out the Dutch ODA assistance to North Macedonia. This process was finalized on 31 December 2010. North Macedonia however remains an important partner for the Netherlands as an aspiring EU and NATO member. Furthermore, North Macedonia is a member of the Dutch led World Bank/IMF constituency group, which explains the substantial Dutch support to the public finance sector in North Macedonia, over the past years. Furthermore North Macedonia became a member of the Dutch constituency group in the European Bank for reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in 2011.

Since North Macedonia does not receive Dutch ODA support anymore, the available bilateral cooperation budget is limited. The focus of current support, funded from the Embassy’s MATRA budget, is to sectors that are relevant to North Macedonia’s accession to the EU and NATO, with a particular focus on Rule of Law. Furthermore a bilateral technical assistance facility in the field of public finance management is available to the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia, based on a bilateral MoU signed by the Ministries of Finance of North Macedonia and The Netherlands in 2011.

Overview of all current activities supported by the Embassy can be found here.

Contact persons

MATRA Rule of Law

MATRA Rule of Law and Public Finance Management

Arlinda Idrizi,

Advisor Political and Economic Affairs

MATRA Rule of Law, MATRA Culture

Beti Bakovska

Advisor Good Governance and Culture