Consular fees in Moldova

The Dutch embassy office in Chisinau doesn't have a consular section. You can apply for a consular statement, the legalisation of a signature and a Laissez-Passer (LP) at the embassy office. You can only pay cash, in Moldovan Leu (MDL).

Paspoort en identiteitskaart / Passport and identity card EUR lokale valuta/local currency
Laissez-passer of noodpaspoort / Laissez passer or emergency document 49,80 950,00
Laissez-passer voor stoffelijk overschot / Laissez-passer for a corpse 60,00 1146,00
Consulaire documenten / Consular documents EUR lokale valuta/local currency
Consulaire verklaringen / Consular statements 30,00 573,00
Verklaring 'afschrift/kopie is conform origineel' / Statement true copy of original or a true duplicate 26,25 502,00
Legalisaties / Legalisations EUR lokale valuta/local currency
Legalisatie handtekening Nederlander / Legalisation signature Dutch citizen 26,25 502,00

For the fees of Schengen visa you can check the website of the Hungarian embassy in Chisinau. For the fees of MVV applications and Caribbean visa you can check the website of the Netherlands embassy in Bucharest, Romania.