The Shiraka-programme in Mauritania

The Netherlands supports democratic change in the Arab region through its Shiraka programme. Here, you can find information on financing projects in Mauritania through Shiraka.

In Mauritania, initiatives of non-governmental organizations are supported that aim to:

  • protect and promote human rights;
  • strengthen the capacities of Mauritanian civil society;
  • promote the participation of youth and women in the public domain.

The following projects and/or activities are not eligible for financing:

  • one-off activities (expert missions, travel, etc.);
  • costs for the purchase of office equipment or operating costs;
  • organizations that have benefited from Shiraka funding in the last two years;
  • project proposals that are not aimed at one or more of the above objectives;
  • incomplete application forms;
  • organizations without proven relevant experience;
  • organizations that are not officially recognized.


Project applications for a contribution up to EUR 25.000 can be submitted from November 26 to December 25 2019 at the Dutch Embassy in Dakar by email:

Please use the application form (in French).

It is mandatory to include a proof of registration and a budget in Excel. It is recommended to use the budget format.


The Shiraka funds is intended for legal persons under local private law (non-governmental organizations or associations). With a maximum amount of EUR 25.000, the funding is divided into two tranches (80 percent at the start of the project and 20 percent after the final evaluation). The embassy can support a maximum of five projects. Co-financing is appreciated, but not mandatory.


The applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • suitability of the request;
  • relevance of the activities;
  • logical relationship between objectives, expected results and activities;
  • innovative nature of the project;
  • identification and involvement of beneficiaries;
  • risks associated with the success of the project;
  • logic in budget preparation.

More information

More information about the Shiraka programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For further questions, please contact the embassy in Dakar via or +221 338 29 2121.