Application home quarantine

There are no structured guidelines yet from the Ministery of Health on allowing home quarantine for international passengers, citizens or non-citizens.

Until official SOP’s are announced, these are the instructions to try to get approval for home quarantine:
- prior departure to Malaysia, passenger should send an email to for home quarantine approval. The email should include the following:
- the 'Home quarantine application form Malaysia' - see link to document below.
- copy of passport
- copy of ticket
- digital certificate including the QR code details or the certificate from the doctor giving details of the vaccination.
- PCR test results that is taken prior boarding the flight.

It will probably take more than 3 days to get a response. If you did not get a positive response from the Ministry of Health before you enter your flight, you would still have to stay at a quarantine hotel until you receive a response from the Home Surveillance Order.

Please note: this application does not guarantee your approval for home quarantine.