Girls SPEAK! event: Empowering girls to advocate for their human rights in Malaysia

In collaboration with the Women's Aid Organisation, the Netherlands embassy organized Girls SPEAK!

The event provided an opportunity for Malaysian teenage girls from diverse backgrounds to advocate for their human rights and share their experiences with Suhakam's newly appointed Chilren's Commissioner Prof. Dato' Noor Aziah.

In order to improve the support for child survivors of human rights harm in Malaysia, the perspectives and experiences of children and youth are extremely valuable. By inviting children to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their lives and including them in important conversations we ensure that policies and laws are in their best interest. In addition, we allow for their empowerment and ultimately aid them in recovery and development into healthy, balanced adults.

Issues raised

The girls shared issues that matter to them and ideas on how they would like their situations to be improved. Important issues raised included safety to go out alone, inclusion of girls in sports, better access to sexual education, and domestic violence.

SPEAK! global campaign

SPEAK! is a global campaign to help give a voice to everyone, everywhere. The campaign intends to raise awareness about the importance of civic space and the power of dialogue to break down barriers and unite across lines of division.

The ability to SPEAK! out for one's rights and needs, and meaningful political participation of citizens are at the core of Dutch political values. A strong civil society gives a voice to citizens, empowers women, youth and minorities, holds government and businesses accountable and fosters dialogues across lines of division

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