Waste mission to Thailand and Malaysia

In collaboration with the Dutch regional development center ASEAN and the Embassy in Thailand, we are organizing a waste management mission to highlight collaboration and development opportunities for Dutch corporates and institutions.

Due to a growing population and economic development, the volume of generated waste in Malaysia has increased more than 60% over the last decade. This trend is expected to continue over the coming years. Currently, less than 20% of waste is being recycled and consequently landfills are completely full and illegal dumping is becoming an issue.

Therefore, Malaysian stakeholders are looking to increase the capacity and sustainability of the waste sector by improving the recycling grade and engaging with ‘waste-to-energy’ (WtE) solutions. A improved waste management strategy can help prevent greenhouse-gas emissions, reduce pollution, save energy, conserve resources, and create jobs.

Since the 1960s the Netherlands has implemented a circular ‘Waste to Energy’ (WtE) strategy and 80% of all waste is being recycled as of now. Therefore, Dutch corporates have vast experience in developing, constructing, and operating separation, recycling, and processing waste plants.

This mission aims to connect Dutch corporates with Malaysian stakeholders to share experiences, best-practices, and technologies that can help to improve waste management in Malaysia. Would you like to know more about this mission or would you like to get in contact with Dutch waste corporates? Send us an email at kll-ea@minbuza.nl.

Recycling van kunststof
Image: Nienke Elenbaas