Creative industries, art and culture: the Netherlands and Liberia

The Netherlands is your partner in creative industries, art and culture.

Creative industries

The Dutch have always been pragmatic and are known for their smart solutions, inventions and scientific discoveries. LED lighting and WiFi are just two examples.

The popularity of Dutch electronic dance music, art, design, games, fashion and architecture has contributed to the creative industries' strong reputation. The Netherlands is also the second-largest exporter of reality TV formats like The Voice and Big Brother. 

Art and culture

Dutch performing artists are in demand around the world. The Netherlands is also a popular destination for international artists. Dutch audiences are always in for something new and the country has good venues.

Design, architecture, visual arts and e-culture

Dutch design is internationally renowned and Dutch architecture is world-famous.

The Netherlands has long been known as a country of painters, thanks to Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Mondrian and the CoBrA artists. Nowadays, the range of media and movements is extensive.

Dance and music

Dutch dance companies are internationally renowned, from large established ones like the NDT to smaller troupes. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra also has a solid international reputation.

But Dutch musicians are also forging a niche for themselves in other music genres.

Literature and theatre

A number of Dutch authors are known internationally, because their work has been translated into other languages. You can find a lot of information about Dutch writers and about translations of their books on the website of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Dutch theatre companies also perform outside the Netherlands.

Film and fashion

The Netherlands has a small but flourishing film industry. Dutch documentaries in particular are often shown at international film festivals.

Dutch designers have also made their mark in the world of fashion.

Creative industries: the Netherlands and your country or region

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