Closing days 2020 Netherlands embassy in Jordan

The Netherlands embassy in Amman willl be closed on the following days:

 Day          Date Occasion
Closing Days 2020
Wednesday  1 January New Year's Day
Sunday 12 April Easter Sunday
Monday 27 April King's Day
Tuesday 5 May Liberation Day
Thursday 21 May Ascension Day
Sunday 24 May (TBC)• Fitr Eid
Monday 25 May (TBC) Fitr Eid
Tuesday 26 May (TBC) Fitr Eid
Sunday 31May Whit Sunday
Sunday 2 August (TBC)• Adha Eid
Monday 3 August (TBC) Adha Eid
Tuesday 4 August (TBC) Adha Eid
Thursday 20 August Islamic New year
Thursday 29 October Prophet Mohammed's Birthday
Thursday  24 December Embassy closed
Thursday 31 December Embassy closed

• Holidays based on Lunar Calendar are subject to be changed; please observe local governance and media in your area.

More information

  • The Embassy does not necessarily observe all local holidays, such as the examples below; however this statement is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Since many Jordanian public holidays fall on the weekends, such as Saturday, 25 May, Independence day; Saturday, 31 August, Islamic New Year; Saturday, 9 November, Birthday of Prophet Mohammed; it might be possible that the government will move some of these days to a working day later. Those residing in Jordan should observe the days above for their own convenience.
  • Observe  news agencies for more information regarding public holidays, as they are subejct to change.