Closing Days and Public Holidays

The Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands in Jordan observes 15 public holidays; kindly find the information below for your reference.

Closing Days 2019

Date Occasion
Closing Days
Tuesday, 1 January New Year's Day
Sunday, 21 April Easter Sunday
Wednesday, 1 May Labour Day
Thursday, 30 May Ascension Day
June (TBC)• Fitr Eid
June (TBC) Fitr Eid
June (TBC) Fitr Eid
Sunday, 9 June Whit Sunday
August (TBC)• Adha Eid
August (TBC) Adha Eid
August (TBC) Adha Eid
Wednesday, 25 December Christmas Day
Thursday, 26 December Boxing Day

• Holidays based on Lunar Calendar are subject to be changed; please observe local governance and media in your area.

More information

  • The Embassy does not necessarily observe all local holidays, such as the examples below; however this statement is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Since many Jordanian public holidays fall on the weekends, such as Saturday, 25 May, Independence day; Saturday, 31 August, Islamic New Year; Saturday, 9 November, Birthday of Prophet Mohammed; it might be possible that the government will move some of these days to a working day later. Those residing in Jordan should observe the days above for their own convenience.
  • Observe  news agencies for more information regarding public holidays, as they are subejct to change.