Japan-Netherlands Relations Map

Welcome to the Japan-Netherlands Relations Map, edited by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan. This map of Japan gives you an overview of the many locations that are connected to the Netherlands. We have made this map to give you an overview of the multi-faceted, diverse and good relations between Japan and the Netherlands.

We have divided the locations into six different categories: Organizations, Buildings & Monuments, Events, Collaborations, Restaurants & Stores and Arts, Culture & Sports. You can access them through the links below.

  1. Organizations
  2. Buildings & Monuments
  3. Events
  4. Collaborations
  5. Restaurants & Stores
  6. Arts, Culture & Sports

However, this map is not complete! We have listed these locations based on the information that we have and could find online. You are very welcome to contact us with any new locations or comments on the current ones through e-mail. (TOK-PPC@minbuza.nl)

Japan and the Netherlands go way back: over 400 years, as becomes evident when you look at this map, in unexpected places all over Japan. We hope that the map will be an inspiration to those who are interested in finding links between Japan and the Netherlands and that it will spark new ideas and even new exchanges between our two countries.