Cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Japan

International exchange between culture makers, creative entrepreneurs and cultural institutions is a source of inspiration and generates new influences and knowledge. The Dutch Embassy in Tokyo works to promote Dutch art and culture in Japan, and cultural exchange between Japan and the Netherlands.

Opportunities for cooperation

With our extensive network in the Netherlands’ and Japan’s cultural sectors and our knowledge of cultural institutions and organisations, we can advise on opportunities for cooperation.

In addition, the Embassy has a budget, albeit limited, to co-fund initiatives that provide a platform for Dutch arts in Japan or cultural activities that otherwise contribute to the development and/or international exposure of creatives from the Netherlands. We also support projects that contribute to collaborations in the field of cultural heritage.

Furthermore, we help Dutch artists and creative entrepreneurs with presentation and visibility in Japan, for instance in the media and by hosting lectures.

Applying for culture funds at the Dutch Embassy in Japan.

International Cultural Policy 2021-2024

At the base of our activities is the Netherlands’ international cultural policy. This policy is a joint responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The policy focuses on a strong position for the Dutch cultural sector abroad through visibility, exchanges and long-term partnerships. Moreover, Dutch cultural activities can support bilateral relationships with other countries, for example promoting partnerships and contributing to exchanges and dialogue. Another aim is to harness the power of the cultural sector and creative industries in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, from Sustainable Cities and Communities to Gender Equality.

For more information about the International Cultural Policy please see the International Cultural Policy and the International Cultural Policy Framework 2021-2024.