Japan and the Netherlands share a longstanding cultural relationship, spanning over four hundred years. By linking up Dutch and Japanese artists, creators and researchers, we seek to further strengthen and develop this historic bond and increase mutual understanding between our countries.

Creative industries exchange ceramics

Creative industries exchange in ceramics

Famous for its ceramics, the Japanese town Arita is inspiring creative minds by inviting them for residencies. Together with the Mondriaan Fund and the Creative Industries Fund the Dutch embassy is supporting this Creative Residency Arita programme since 2016. The results of the programme are beautiful works and products that show the possibilities of matching Dutch concepts with Japanese craftsmanship. 

Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network

Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network

The Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network is a network of institutions in the public and private sector that work with heritage of the former trading posts in seven countries and thirteen cities in Asia. The network shares knowledge and research on the shared heritage. Japan is home to two Dutch trading posts established in the 17th century. In Hirado the first Dutch trading post was established in 1609 until the Dutch merchants moved to the artificial island Dejima in Nagasaki in 1641.

Regional partnerships Holland Kanto
Image: ©Nacása & Partners Inc / Courtesy of Hermès Foundation

Regional partnerships: HollandKyushu, HollandKyoto and NL-Kanto

Kyushu, the second largest island of the Japanese archipelago, was in the 17th century the place where Dutch and Japanese met for the first time. 'Holland-Kyushu', a regional cultural partnership, allowed the likes of artists, musicians and researchers to meet. The historic re-opening of the Omotemon-bashi Bridge in Nagasaki was part of this programme. After Kyushu came Kyoto because of the vibrant creative and cultural sector. The current focus is on Kanto the region around Tokyo.

EU Film Days

EU Literature Festival and EU Film Days

The EU Literature Festival and EU Film Days are being organised by the joint delegation in Japan of the member states of the European Union (EU). The events aim to promote European writers and film makers in Japan.

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