Holland Innovation Network

The Holland Innovation Network provides information and assistance to the private sector, research institutions, universities and government in the Netherlands by closely monitoring developments in Science, Technology and Innovation in Japan. The Holland Innovation Network focuses on Japan’s top innovative sectors, which include automotive, energy, micro-and nanotech, ICT, aerospace and life sciences. The aim is to promote co-operation in research and development between counterparts in both countries.


All staff members of the Holland Innovation Network look forward to assisting you with any questions you might have in the field of Science and Technology.

Mr. Eric van Kooij

Counsellor for Innovation
Mr. Rob Stroeks Senior Advisor/ Senior Innovation Officer
Mr. Kikuo Hayakawa Innovation Officer
Ms. Mihoko Ishii Innovation Officer
Ms. Sonoko Takahashi Innovation Officer
Ms. Mariko Nakano

Office Manager

Tel : 03-5776-5510
Fax: 03-5776-5534
E-mail: info@hollandinnovation.jp